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[DGC]2011.07 No.959 Shinohara An 篠原杏 Views:271813
[DGC]2011.07 No.959 Shinohara An 篠原杏 93P

Update: Feb 2 2012 10:27AM
[DGC]2011.07 No.958 Yuki Mogami 最上ゆき Views:183601
[DGC]2011.07 No.958 Yuki Mogami 最上ゆき 39P

Update: Feb 2 2012 10:26AM
[DGC]2011.07 No.957 Erina Matsui 松井絵里奈 Views:90468
[DGC]2011.07 No.957 Erina Matsui 松井絵里奈 56P

Update: Feb 2 2012 10:25AM
[DGC]2011.07 No.956 Maomi Yuki 優木まおみ Views:79361
[DGC]2011.07 No.956 Maomi Yuki 優木まおみ 65P

Update: Feb 2 2012 10:24AM
[DGC]2011.06 No.955 Maaya 制服美少女天国 真亜也 Views:139601
[DGC]2011.06 No.955 Maaya 制服美少女天国 真亜也 77P

Update: Feb 2 2012 10:23AM
[DGC]2011.06 No.954 Kaho Kasumi かすみ果穂 Views:86171
[DGC]2011.06 No.954 Kaho Kasumi かすみ果穂 82P

Update: Jan 31 2012 12:31PM
[DGC]2011.06 No.953 Aino Kishi 希志あいの Views:81766
[DGC]2011.06 No.953 Aino Kishi 希志あいの 85P

Update: Jan 31 2012 12:30PM
[DGC]2011.06 No.952 Shina Hikari 椎名ひかる Views:48846
[DGC]2011.06 No.952 Shina Hikari 椎名ひかる 94P

Update: Jan 31 2012 12:29PM
[DGC]2011.06 No.951 Natsumi Kamada 鎌田奈津美 Views:71107
[DGC]2011.06 No.951 Natsumi Kamada 鎌田奈津美 77P

Update: Jan 31 2012 12:28PM
[DGC]2011.06 No.950 Marika Minnami 南まりか Views:56944
[DGC]2011.06 No.950 Marika Minnami 南まりか 81P

Update: Jan 31 2012 12:28PM
[DGC]2011.06 No.949 Yuri Marakami 村上友梨 Views:123178
[DGC]2011.06 No.949 Yuri Marakami 村上友梨 87P

Update: Jan 30 2012 6:18AM
[DGC]2011.05 No.948 Tomoyo Hoshino 制服美少女天国 ほしの智世 Views:104487
[DGC]2011.05 No.948 Tomoyo Hoshino 制服美少女天国 ほしの智世 92P

Update: Jan 30 2012 6:18AM
[DGC]2011.05 No.947 Ai Haneda 羽田あい Views:82476
[DGC]2011.05 No.947 Ai Haneda 羽田あい 68P

Update: Jan 30 2012 6:17AM
[DGC]2011.05 No.946 Jessica Kizaki 希崎ジェシカ Views:105759
[DGC]2011.05 No.946 Jessica Kizaki 希崎ジェシカ 94P

Update: Jan 30 2012 6:16AM
[DGC]2011.05 No.945 Asuka Hoshino ほしのあすか Views:42381
[DGC]2011.05 No.945 Asuka Hoshino ほしのあすか 76P

Update: Jan 30 2012 6:14AM
[DGC]2011.05 No.944 Marina Saito 斎藤眞利奈 Views:83208
[DGC]2011.05 No.944 Marina Saito 斎藤眞利奈 92P

Update: Jan 29 2012 8:59AM
[DGC]2011.05 No.943 Fumina Suzuki 鈴木ふみ奈 Views:90927
[DGC]2011.05 No.943 Fumina Suzuki 鈴木ふみ奈 97P

Update: Jan 29 2012 8:59AM
[DGC]2011.05 No.942 Aki Hoshino ほしのあき Views:74992
[DGC]2011.05 No.942 Aki Hoshino ほしのあき 87P

Update: Jan 29 2012 8:58AM
[DGC]2011.04 No.941 Suzune Toyama 制服美少女天國 遠山涼音 Views:38553
[DGC]2011.04 No.941 Suzune Toyama 制服美少女天國 遠山涼音 75P

Update: Jan 29 2012 8:57AM
[DGC]2011.04 No.940 Marina Yamasa 制服美少女天國 山咲まりな Views:108181
[DGC]2011.04 No.940 Marina Yamasa 制服美少女天國 山咲まりな 69P

Update: Jan 29 2012 8:56AM
[DGC]2011.04 No.939 Haraka Andou 制服美少女天國 安藤遥 Views:88090
[DGC]2011.04 No.939 Haraka Andou 制服美少女天國 安藤遥 86P

Update: Jan 28 2012 3:33AM
[DGC]2011.04 No.938 Nana Otone 乙音奈々 Views:38810
[DGC]2011.04 No.938 Nana Otone 乙音奈々 57P

Update: Jan 28 2012 3:32AM
[DGC]2011.04 No.937 Kokomi Naruse 成瀬心美 Views:69830
[DGC]2011.04 No.937 Kokomi Naruse 成瀬心美 58P

Update: Jan 28 2012 3:30AM
[DGC]2011.04 No.936 Gujikita Ayaka 藤北彩香 Views:43998
[DGC]2011.04 No.936 Gujikita Ayaka 藤北彩香 61P

Update: Jan 28 2012 3:25AM
[DGC]2011.04 No.935 Arisa Kuroda 黒田有彩 Views:51891
[DGC]2011.04 No.935 Arisa Kuroda 黒田有彩 98P

Update: Jan 28 2012 3:24AM

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Japanese av girls - hot, cute, sexy, fun loving, naive, polite, immature, ambitious, carefree, introverted, extraverted, Japanese girls are almost as diverse and complicated as Japanese culture. One thing for sure is Japanese girls are hot. In a country where being cute is, for some people, more important than the content of one's personality Japanese girls love to fluant their stuff. Everyone likes to feel they look attractive, cute or sexy, but in Japan is taken to the extreme. Being considered beautiful, cute or sexy is highly regarded. It is almost like the old adage "Children should be seen, not heard". This certainly isn't my opinion but in Japanese society I do feel there is a sense that Japanese women are encouraged to be seen but not heard.
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