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Name: Natsumi_Senaga
Name: 瀬長奈津実
Birthday: 1986-08-19
Stature: 170cm
VitalStatistics: B93 W60 H90

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Name: Akina_Aoshima
Name: 青島あきな
Birthday: 1987-03-04
Stature: 160cm
VitalStatistics: B87 W58 H86

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Name: Ai_Shinozaki
Name: 篠崎愛
Birthday: 1992-02-26
Stature: 158cm
VitalStatistics: B87 W60 H88

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Name: Shoko_Hamada
Name: 浜田翔子
Birthday: 1986-01-01
Stature: 157cm
VitalStatistics: B80 W54 H83

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Name: Natsuki_Ikeda
Name: 池田夏希
Birthday: 1987-06-24
Stature: 170cm
VitalStatistics: B90 W59 H87

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Name: Mai_Nishida
Name: 西田麻衣
Birthday: 1989-03-23
Stature: 158cm
VitalStatistics: B89 W58 H81

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Name: Anri_Sugihara
Name: 杉原杏璃
Birthday: 1982-06-12
Stature: 157cm
VitalStatistics: B89 W59 H80

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Name: Rola_Chan
Name: 陳怡
Birthday: 1987-05-13
Stature: 161cm
VitalStatistics: B78 W58 H87

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Name: Nozomi_Sasaki
Name: 佐々木希
Birthday: 1988-02-08
Stature: 166cm
VitalStatistics: B79 W61 H89

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Name: Yui_Minami
Name: 南結衣
Birthday: 1990-08-05
Stature: 156cm
VitalStatistics: B88 W59 H83

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Name: Sayuki_Matsumoto
Name: 松本さゆき
Birthday: 1985-12-09
Stature: 170cm
VitalStatistics: B91 W59 H89

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Name: Kaori_Ishii
Name: 石井香織
Birthday: 1990-02-01
Stature: 165cm
VitalStatistics: B85 W57 H86

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